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ca. 1992 (photographed)
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A man in a wood. He is taking off or putting on a white t-shirt.

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read Photographing masculinities: gender, identity and the gaze Historically, men's fashion has been subjected to strict rules and conventions, reflecting rank and identity. Today, ideas of masculinity are shifting in response to societal changes, questioning what it means to be 'male'.

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Object type
Materials and techniques
Gelatin-silver print
Brief description
Photograph by Corinne Day, for a fashion story titled 'England's Dreaming' published in The Face, August 1993, gelatin-silver print, ca. 1992
Physical description
A man in a wood. He is taking off or putting on a white t-shirt.
  • Sheet length: 32.7cm
  • Sheet width: 26cm
Gallery label
Gallery 100, 2016-17: Corinne Day (1962–2010) ‘England’s Dreaming’ 1992 Corinne Day brought a raw documentary approach to fashion photography in the 1990s. Her candid and intimate pictures were a counterpoint to the air-brushed perfection of the models featured in glossy magazines. This photograph seems to capture a fragment of a narrative, asking us to question why this half-dressed figure is alone in the woods. Gelatin silver print Museum no. E.74-1997
Credit line
Copyright Corinne Day, courtesy Gimpel Fils
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Bibliographic reference
Victoria and Albert Museum Department of Prints, Drawings and Paintings Accession Register for 1997
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