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Picnic group in Nasib Bagh, India

ca. 1863-ca. 1866 (made)
Place of origin

British picnic group in Nasib Bagh.

Object details

Object type
TitlePicnic group in Nasib Bagh, India (generic title)
Materials and techniques
Albumen print
Brief description
Photograph by Samuel Bourne of a Picnic group in Nasib Bagh, India, about 1863-1866
Physical description
British picnic group in Nasib Bagh.
  • Height: 22.9cm
  • Width: 28.4cm
Historical context
Samuel Bourne (1834-1912) left his job as a bank clerk in Nottingham to become a professional photographer, and in 1863 sailed to India to develop his new career. He remained there for several years to become recognised as one of the most successful British photographers to document the expanding British empire. His photographs were produced primarily for the European market, and provided a glimpse of India as a distant colonised land and its people. Bourne's photographic success was a combination of his impressive photographic skill and ability to present photographs of India that co-incided with the western, Orientalist vision of the exotic East. In 1870 Bourne took up permanent residency in England and withdrew from photography after establishing a cotton-doubling mill. In 1896 after retiring from business he devoted his time to watercolour painting.
Subjects depicted
Bibliographic reference
Haworth-Booth, Mark (1984) 'The Golden Age of British Photography 1839-1900: Photography from the Victoria and Albert Museum' Aperture in assoc. with the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Taylor, Roger (1980) "Samuel Bourne: Photographic Views in India", Sheffield City Polytechnic, Nottingham.
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