Recto: Panoramic View of Damme

1525-1558 (drawn)
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Panoramic view of Damme in pen and ink. Formerly bound in an album with 31 other views.

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Object Type
Additional TitleVerso: A Slight View of Zeeland (published title)
Materials and Techniques
Pen and brown ink
Brief Description
Drawing, Recto: 'Panoramic View of Damme', Verso: A Slight View of Zeeland', by Anton van den Wyngaerde, Flemish School, pen and brown ink, 1525-1558
Physical Description
Panoramic view of Damme in pen and ink. Formerly bound in an album with 31 other views.
  • Height: 140mm (Note: H.146 x W.412 mm. Measured by A. Greig 01/08/2017)
  • Width: 408mm
Production typeUnique
Marks and Inscriptions
  • Inscribed in brown ink: at upper centre, Den Damme; and with identifying names throughout the sheet (from left to right, top to bottom), S anna dermuien (St Anna ter Muiden) / sluis / water / de dijk / Stadt huis / aerdenbourg / middelbourg VL / wech.
  • Inscribed on verso, in brown ink (from left to right), canal / water / Vlissingen / zeelant / middebourg / wenkerck (?) / ost / on Sbourch (?) (?Oost-Souburg ).
Object history
Joannes Moflin (d.1586/7), Bergues; Dr Henry Wellesley (1791–1866), Oxford; his sale, London, Sotheby’s, 25 June 1866, 10th day, lots 1738–56: ‘ANTONIO VANDEN WYNGAERDE, 1558. The following Drawings were executed at the expense of the famous Printer, Plantin, of Antwerp. The English portion of the Collection is now in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, being part of the Illustrations to the “SUTHERLAND CLARENDON”’ (to ‘Holloway’ for £5. 0s. 0d);1 J.C. Robinson (1824–1913), London; by whom lent to the museum, 8 May 1879, and from whom purchased as part of a group of 301 items for a total of £6,800 in two instalments, 28 May 1879 and 15 April 1880.
Bibliographic References
  • Jane Shoaf Turner and Christopher White, Catalogue of Dutch and Flemish Drawings in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 2014, vol. II, Cat. 601.30, illus. p.542.
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