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1972-1973 (made)
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Pair of platform sandals in green and silver lurex bargello-effect zigzag stripe pattern.

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This object consists of 2 parts.

  • Sandal
  • Sandal
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Brief description
Pair of platform sandals, designed by Emma of London, retailed by Biba, Great Britain, 1972-1973
Physical description
Pair of platform sandals in green and silver lurex bargello-effect zigzag stripe pattern.
Credit line
Worn and given by Karen Gunnell
Object history
The "Bargello" (a zig-zag stripe) pattern of these shoes helps narrow down their date. Biba produced a line of Bargello patterned jersey clothing in Autumn 1970, and in the early 1970s, the pattern became a popular Biba design for clothing and household goods, this time made in sparkling lurex. Before applying their own branded logo to all accessories retailed through Big Biba on Kensington High Street, Biba bought in and retailed shoes and accessories by other brands and designers, such as these shoes by Emma of London. There are examples of footwear retailed through Biba prior to the move into the last Biba store in September 1973 which do not carry the Biba brand labelling.

Commentary provided by Angela Smith, Biba researcher and scholar, 01/06/2016
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