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Glass, Room 131

Patent Ivory Queens Ware

1878 (design registered)
Place of origin

Vase, England (Gateshead-on-Tyne), made by Sowerby & Co., Ellison Glass Works, 1878-1900

Object details

Object type
  • Patent Ivory Queens Ware (manufacturer's title)
  • Vitro-porcelain (manufacturer's title)
Materials and techniques
Press-moulded glass
Brief description
Vase, England (Gateshead-on-Tyne), made by Sowerby & Co., Ellison Glass Works, 1878-1900
  • Height: 8.5cm
  • Max width: 9.4cm
Marks and inscriptions
Diamond registration mark for 29/07/1878
Gallery label
Sowerby's called this cream-coloured glass 'Patent Ivory Queen's Ware', probably in reference to Wedgwood's 18thC cream-coloured earthenware 'Queen's Ware'. Almost all Sowerby's production in this glass, which was patented in 1879, was in the art-style known as 'Aesthetic'. In 1884 the Pottery Gazette reviwed the International health Exhibition saying that 'their fancy glass should have been in the art gallery, but being of such a cheap and poplualr nature, we suppose they were inadmissable. Still in taste and aesthetic treatment they rank as art goods, notwithstanding their cheapness. We may call it 'Art for the million'.
Sowerby's pattern bk. IX, p.6 (1326)
Bibliographic reference
See Circ.611-1962
Other number
7654 - Glass gallery number
Accession number

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