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Manuscript Cutting

ca. 1520 (made)

Cut-out decorated initial R; Netherlands (South); ca 1520

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Cut-out decorated initial R; Netherlands (South); ca 1520
Object history
Part of cuttings purchased in batches from William Henry James Weale in 1883, 95 on 9 April 1883, 258 on 17 April 1883, 20 on 20 February, for the total sum of £96.7.2 (now Museum nos 8972-9042).
Historical context
Data taken from notes compiled by Rowan Watson. The full text of the entry is as follows:

9003 B
Cut-out decorated initial R (letter-shape of brushed gold branches and acanthus spray on vermiculated blue ground, with [pink buttercup] flower)

text:.../preces tibi do/.../tu suscipe/...

NL (South) c.1520
90 x 90 mm.
Part of 2 lines of music (4 redlines, 22 mm.) and text visible; square notation

Bought from Weale, 1883, 3 s. 6d.
1923 cat, 17'
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