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1898-1899 (made)

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This object consists of 6 parts.

  • Key
  • Drawer
  • Drawer
  • Drawer
  • Drawer
  • Sideboard
Materials and Techniques
  • Whole height: 175cm
  • Whole including top moulding width: 267cm
  • Width of top of base width: 254.6cm
  • Whole depth: 57.5cm
Measured from object by Max Donnelly.
Gallery Label
CABINET ENGLISH: 1898-1899 Designed by W.R. Lethaby (1857-1931) Maker unknown Oak with inlay of ebony, sycamore, and bleached mahogany This striking Gothic Revival kitchen dresser was part of the furnishings of Melsetter House, Hoy, in the Orkney Islands, which was built to Lethaby's designs between 1891 and 1899. The revealed construction, use of solid oak, and simple inlay demonstrate the debt owed by Lethaby and his generation to the 'True Principles' laid down by pugin sixty years before.(1993)
Bibliographic References
  • Edward Joy, The Country Life Book of English Furniture. London: Country Life Ltd., 1964, illus. fig.116
  • Elizabeth Aslin, Nineteenth Century English Furniture (London, Faber, 1962), plate 133.
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