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The Soundtrack

Cd Rack
1998 (designed), 1998 (manufactured)
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Set of five CD racks in clear plastic CD cases wrapped in polythene. Four are stored in a cardboard box.

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This object consists of 6 parts.

  • CD Rack
  • CD Rack
  • CD Rack
  • CD Rack
  • Box
  • CD Rack
TitleThe Soundtrack (manufacturer's title)
Brief description
Self-adhesive CD Rack, 'The Soundtrack'. Designed by Ron Arad. Made by Alessi S.p.a, Italian, 1998
Physical description
Set of five CD racks in clear plastic CD cases wrapped in polythene. Four are stored in a cardboard box.
Production typeMass produced
Credit line
Given by Ron Arad.
Object history
Self-adhesive CD rack designed by Ron Arad and made by Alessi. Acquired new from the designer.

Historical significance: The Soundtrack CD rack can be seen in the context of Arad's earlier experiments with linear, organic forms for industrial production that redefine conventions of use and object types. Examples of these early experimental pieces include The Mortal Coil bookcase [1993, W.18-1993] and the Bookworm bookshelf [W.2-1996]. The important characteristic of the Bookworm is the flexibility of use the product offers the consumer; it can be installed in any shape or configuration. The CD rack is also flexible in this way, comprising a single extruded component that can be manipulated by the end-user. It echoes the form the Bookworm in miniature. Ron Arad is a leading-edge designer for the mass-market and the CD rack is amongst the most widely available and accessible of his designs.
Reason For Production: Retail
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Record createdApril 11, 2001
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