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ca. 1880 (manufactured)
Place of origin

bisque shoulder head

Object details

Object type
Materials and techniques
Brief description
Doll, bisque, ABG, German, about 1880
Physical description
bisque shoulder head
Production typemass produced
Marks and inscriptions
974 # 6 (back shoulder plate; moulded)
Object history
The doll may have been made by Dernheim, Koch & Fischer of Grafenroda, Germany, a porcelain factory in operation from 1860 to about 1900 which specialized in bisque figures with Dresden type flowers (particularly popular in the 1890s). The mark was the letter X and V intwined above the letters DKF.
Alt, Beck & Gottschalck of Nauendorf, near Ohrdruf, Thüringia founded in 1854 as a water operated porcelain factory - Porzellanfabrik Von Alt
Reason For Production: retail
Associated object
MISC.78-1978 (version)
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