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1724 (published)
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Side stitched Japanese binding in flexible covers

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Object Type
Additional TitleContemporary Patterns: Cry of the Crane [Toryū moyō hinagata tsuru no koe] (assigned by artist)
Materials and Techniques
Printed from woodblocks
Brief Description
Pap, Japan, prints

Contemporary Patterns: Cry of the Crane, by Nakajima Tanjirō, Osaka, 1724
Physical Description
Side stitched Japanese binding in flexible covers
  • Length: 263mm (closed) (Note: Measured in Book Conservation measuring box)
  • Width: 187mm (closed) (Note: Measured in Book Conservation measuring box)
  • Depth: 10mm (closed) (Note: Measured in Book Conservation measuring box)
Open dimensions approximately D:263 x W:300 x H:120/200 (with maximum upstand of 25 degrees)
Gallery Label
Pattern books provided a means of communication between customers and suppliers. The customer selected a pattern, then discussed specific details with the kimono merchant. Changes were often made, for example, to the size and placing of motifs. (29/2/2020)
Credit line
Given by the Misses Alexander
Bibliographic Reference
Jackson, Anna (editor), Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk, London: V&A Publications, 2020
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