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1800-1880 (made)

Burqa, white cotton with silk whitework embroidery, Afghanistan, 1800-1880

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Burqa, white cotton with silk whitework embroidery, Afghanistan, 1800-1880
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Burqa with Footed Trousers Afghanistan About 1850 In 19th-century Iran and Afghanistan, Muslim women were usually fully veiled when they went out in public. They wore an outer layer over their indoor clothing and covered their faces. In Iran, this was often a sheet of dark blue or black textile (chador) worn with a white face-veil (ru-band) attached separately. This white cotton burqa from Afghanistan however, combines both elements. It has embroidered openwork over the eyes. Women would have worn the burqa with matching loose-footed trousers (chaqchur), with their skirts tucked inside. This outfit was worn with heeled slippers or boots. White cotton with silk embroidery and green baize Museum nos. IS.9 to C-1954 Jameel Gallery(31/08/2012)
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Presented by Mrs Maidstone Smyth, 49, Linden Gardens
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Placed in Room V in the museum, 14 August, 1889.

Presented by Mrs Maidstone Smyth, 49, Linden Gardens. This acquisition information reflects that found in the Museum records (Asia Department registers and/or Central Inventory) as part of a 2023 provenance research project.
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