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Bottle and Stopper

c. 1700 (made)

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jasmine motifs; Domestic, gold, enamelled chased, Mughal empire, c. 1700
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The original acquisition information gives a fanciful history for which there is no evidence. The bottle and stopper is clearly not a rose-water sprinkler, as it lacks the perforated rosette on the neck that would be necessary to sprinkle the rose water. List of Works of Art acquired by the Victoria and Albert Museum During the Year 1906, London HMSO MCMX, p. 71: Rose-water Sprinkler (Gulab-pash) of chased gold, decorated with jasmine motives in translucent and opaque champlevé enamels. Probably made for the Mogul Emperor, Shah Jahan, about 1650. Carried off by Nadir Shah, ruler of Persia and Afghanistan, after the sack of Delhi in 1739, and returned by the fugitive Shah Sujah [sic] to Ranjit Singh, at Lahore, in 1813. Indian (Lucknow); 17th centy. H 7 1/4in., diam. 3 3/8in. Bought, £44. 391-1906 Flattened bulbous body, high oval foot, long baluster neck opening at the top in the form of a lotus flower, small stopper attached to the neck by a gold chain. On either side of the body is a white bordered panel in the shape of a lotus-petal, enclosing symmetrically branching sprays of white-petalled flowers with blue foliage on a translucent green ground. The remaining surface is decorated with scrolled stems of similar flowers and foliage, also on a translucent green ground.
Object history
Letter from the vendor, Heigham & Co, Silversmiths, 139 High Holborn, W.C. of 22 June 1906, on Nominal File Heigham & Co, MA/1/H1501:

'To the Director of Art Museum

Dear Sir

A Gentleman called here & saw pieces of Gold Enamel which he thought would interest you. I give you herewith a description of the articles with prices. If you wish me to do so, I shall be pleased to send them on approval. Yours very truly Heigham &Co

Gold Rosewater Bottle

with stopper, enamel in white, lilac, & dark green

From Bengal. 7 1/2 high


Formerly the Property of the late Maharajah Duleep Singh & Runjeet Singh of Lahore'
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