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Glass, Room 131

Wine Glass

mid 17th century (made)
Place of origin

Wine glass (Roemer), Germany or Netherlands, 1600-99

Object details

Object type
Materials and techniques
decorated with prunts moulded with lion masks
Brief description
Wine glass (Roemer), Germany or Netherlands, 1600-99
  • Height: 22.8cm
Gallery label
Roemers were the usual glass for drinking Rhine wine. The word was possibly derived from the Lower Rhenish and Dutch word 'roemen' meaning boast, celebrate or glorify. They began in the 15th century as short beakers of inverted conical shape with applied drops. By the end of the century, they were developing into a hemispherical bowl on a wide hollow stem, with a foot formed by a trailed thread wound round a conical core. Dutch examples by the 17th century were reaching heights up to 38cms. A bell-shaped foot was introduced about 1620 and the prunts were formed as raspberry or lion's head masks from about 1630.
Credit line
Wilfred Buckley Collection
Bibliographic reference
Cf. Journal of Glass Studies, Corning, X 1968 p.114 and XI p.43. Leeds 1961 exhib. cat. no. 33.
Other number
8711 - Glass gallery number
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