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Child's writing case and contents - Writing case (printed on box)

Writing case (printed on box)

  • Object:

    Child's writing case and contents

  • Date:

    1927-1930 (made)

  • Materials and Techniques:

    Card and paper (case); other items of various materials

  • Museum number:


  • Gallery location:

    In Storage

Physical description

1. rectangular writing case of card covered in dark red & black paper,
lined in tan check paper; the hinged lid printed with "Writing Case"
in gold & decorated with transfers of parrot tulip & anemones; pen tray & two recesses for inkbottles (31.9 x 23.5 x 3.9 cm)
2. square glass inkbottle with mitred corners, containing traces of
dried red ink (top missing) (3.9 x 3.9 x 4 cm)
3. dipping pen of red-lacquered wood (PAT.166439-21*MADE IN JUGOSLAVIA)
(L:15.1 cm)
4. black celluloid collar (PENKALA-PEN* 830*EDMUND MOSTER & CO) (L:17.3cm) fitted to pen (3)
5. metal nib (R.ESTERBROOK & Co/RELIEF/MADE IN USA) (L:2.9 cm) fitted to pen (3)
6. dipping pen (THE "LONDON BRIDGE") of black textured celluloid
(L:11.7 cm)
7. matching cap with sterling silver cuff (SWAN No2/ STERLING) (L:5.5cm)
8. steel mapping nib fitted to (6)(L:3.6 cm).
9. metal nib as at (5) above (L:3 cm)
10. drawing pencil (unsharpened) in faceted green casing (A. HAMMER
Best Drawing 2200 No 2 MADE ABROAD) (L:17.5 cm)
11. copying pencil in yellow casing (A. HAMMER*FINEST COPYING* 983
FOREIGN) (L:17 cm)
12. pencil in red casing (JOHANN FABER "Berthelt" No 2) (L:11.7 cm)
13. pencil in red casing (....AN FABER "Berthelt" No 2) (L: 8.1 cm)
14. pencil in faceted black casing (No 166 CUMBERLAND PENCIL Co LTD) (L:10.9 cm)
15. pencil in brown casing (B No 118 "EMBASSY" CU...) (L:7 cm)
16. pencil in red casing with metal eraser holder (eraser missing) at
end (HB No 105 E "SUPERIOR" MADE IN ENGLAND) (L:13.6 cm)
17. pencil in faceted orange casing (EAGLE ORLOFF Compressed Lead
18. pencil in faceted orange casing (B EAGLE ORLOFF...) (L:7.6 cm)
19. pencil in faceted orange casing (2B EAGLE OR....) (L:6.4 cm)
20. pencil in faceted black casing (...CO 10 3*No 2*MOCKBA) (L:7.2 cm)
21. pencil in faceted yellow casing (10 3*No 2*MOCKBA) (L:7 cm)
22. pencil in turquoise casing (PEMBURY CARNIVAL BAZAAR/ N.J.BILLINGE & Co LTD KESWICK) (L:7.6 cm) fitted with (23)
23. chrome-plated clip-on eraser holder (MADE IN ENGLAND) (L:4.3 cm)
24. pencil in faceted black casing (L:8.2 cm)
25. pencil in faceted black casing (L:7.9 cm)
26. pencil in red casing (HB No 90 Arthur Johnson's "POPULAR" MADE IN ENGLAND) (L:14.2 cm)
27. pencil in sea green casing (L:6.2 cm) fitted with (28)
28. chrome-plated push-on cap (L:4.6 cm)
29. blue copying pencil in blue casing (No 73 E "Mephisto" COPYING
MADE BY L. & C. HARDTMUTH) (L:12.6 cm)
30. black colouring pencil in black casing (L:12.7 cm)
31. light brown colouring pencil in brown casing (L:9.6 cm)
32. orange colouring pencil in orange casing (L:10.4 cm)
33. dark blue colouring pencil in blue casing (L:8.9 cm)
34,35. matchbox (cover & tray respectively) (SHIP SAFETY MATCH/ SWEDISH MATCH CO) containing 28 stubs of wax crayons (3 red, 5 blue, 7 brown, 5 yellow, 6 black, 2 orange) (5.8 x 3.7 x 1.7 closed)
36,37. matchbox (cover & tray respectively) (MASTERS' ARMY & NAVY
BRITISH MADE SAFETY MATCHES) containing 99 white/off white glass beads & 2 larger red ones each with a white core (5.8 x 3.7 x 1.8 closed)
38. corsage of 3 stylised flowers, made of wired glass beads on silver
papered wire stems with a green paper leaf: the red flower has a
pearlised bead at the centre, the pale pink one a royal blue bead, &
the aquamarine one a turquoise bead over a faux pearl (L:8.5 cm)
39. pendant in the form of a bucket, of turned ivory-colored celluloid
with a clip-in metal handle (max.height:2.5 cm)
40. miniature white glass jug (with traces of red paint), with a
bulbous body, cylindrical neck & base, & looped handle (H:3.7 cm)
41. miniature rattle, with a rotund metal body covered in crocheted
pink & white thread, & a looped cream celluloid handle (H:6.7 cm)
42. miniature comb of cream celluloid with incurving ends (L:3.9 cm)
43. miniature circular mirror of ivory-coloured celluloid (W: 3.1 cm)
44. piece of needlework (unfinished): canvas printed with outlines &
colours of a flowered evening bag in mushroom, aquamarine, coral, green, & yellow on a white ground with a black & aquamarine border;
the piece is printed SUPPLEMENT TO "MODERN WOMAN" NOVEMBER 1930, & must have been one of the last things Peggy started before she died at the beginning of the next month (40 x 20 cm)
45. part of a fashion plate, hand stitched with pale blue mercerised
thread around the edge (needle & thread still in place) & showing a
woman in a blue dress & cloche hat, & a girl in a pale yellow smocked
dress & yellow & black hat (14 x 18 cm)
46. sewing: tacking & hemming on white linen (6.6 x 20.7 cm)
47. sewing: tacking on red-grey cotton twill (approx.9 x 21 cm)
48. sewing: red crepe, with one selvage and three hand hemmed edges;
the piece is folded in half diagonally and caught down by a triangular
scrap of red and white striped cotton appliquéd to one side (W:32 cm)
49. rectangular tracing plate (originally framed) of opaque glass, marked with a design of a bunch of grapes (12 x 10 cm)
50. "Bovril" scholar's calculator: blue card folder printed in black, with sliding card in cut mount to show parts of the multiplication table, & 2 pages of useful data (14 x 8.8 cm closed)
51. insurance booklet (Pearl Assurance Co Ltd), used by Peggy as a
notebook (16.5 x 10 cm closed)
52. price tag for 4/11 (four shillings & elevenpence), hand-written in
blue-black ink on card threaded with dark blue string (3.7 x 5.2 cm)
53. piece of cream card written with letters of the alphabet in red pencil (9.7 x 11.8 cm)
54. piece of blue carbon paper (32.8 x 19.6 cm)
55. piece of lined paper with rows of pencil marks and Peggy Joyce's
name written several times on one side and a bird-like shape on the
other (20.3 x 12.6 cm)
56. piece of paper with lines on one side, with numbers & letters in pencil, & graph paper with numbers on the other (23.5 x 18.5 cm)
57. green-painted, varnished card hand-written in ink with rows of sums
to work on both sides (12.8 x 10.3 cm)
58. piece of paper pencilled with numbers (12.4 x 12.6 cm)
59. piece of paper pencilled with numbers (20.3 x 12.7 cm)
60. piece of paper with a pencil outline of a car on one side, and the
beginnings of another on the reverse (14 x 10.5 cm)
61. piece of paper with a pencil outline of a bear on one side and a
drawing of a car on the other (approx.10.9 x 12.7 cm)
62. piece of paper with a pencil outline of a cat on one side and numbers on the other (approx.9.9 x 12.7 cm)
63. drawing of a house in pencil on yellow paper (11.8 x 18.7 cm)
64. piece of paper dated 1930 with a pencil drawing of a house & garden
on one side & a rectangle (possibly a screen) drawn with toys, a doll, dolls' clothes, a dolls' house and a book on the other (20.2 x 26.3 cm)


1927-1930 (made)

Materials and Techniques

Card and paper (case); other items of various materials

Marks and inscriptions

Writing Case (also inscribed "Peggy" inside lid)

Object history note


Used by Margaret ("Peggy") Joyce (b.1922), the bequestor's only daughter, of 2 Quested Buildings, Brett Rd, London E8. Peggy had rheumatic fever in 1929 & died of heart failure in the Rahere Ward, St Bartholomew's Hospital on 02/12/1930. She is buried in Abney Park
Cemetery with her brother Alan (15/03/1921-12/09/1921).

Descriptive line

Child's writing case & contents; British, 1927-30

Production Note



Children & Childhood; Education & Learning


Museum of Childhood

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