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1662 (made)
Place of origin

Returned from loan to The National Trust (Tredegar House) in 2018.

Object details

Object type
Materials and techniques
Glass beadwork, leather
Brief description
Mirror, beadwork frame, English, 1662
Physical description
Looking glass or mirror, seven inches wide, in a wide frame with beadwork decoration arranged in two full-height verticals and two short horizontal panels top and bottom. Yellow cord runs between the vertical and horizontal panels.

In each corner a medallion containing a figure of a woman, one of them being Diana with a bow and dog, the others represented with a horse, an alligator, and a cock. In the upper rectangle are three seated women (possibly the three Fates spinning) with a naked recumbent man below. To the left is Venus with Cupid and a peacock and, above, her chariot drawn by a pair of doves. To the right is a clothed woman, possibly Charity, with three naked children. Below is a composition of flowers, birds and beasts. Along the upper edge the inscription: 'IM6 6W2'. The sight and back edges of the frame are lined with tooled brown leather, worked in a geometric pattern.

2018 - in a modern glazed case
  • Height: 71.1cm
  • Width: 66cm (Note: Thickness of frame estimated at 4cm.)
H 2' 4" W 2' 2" 2018 In a modern glazed case 75 x 70 x 6.5cm
Marks and inscriptions
IM6 6W2 (Along the upper edge)
Credit line
Bequeathed by Sir Eric Maclagan
Object history
Bequeathed by Sir Eric Maclagan, Trinity College, Oxford [54/4038]. Maclagan was a former director of the V&A (1924-1945), having first joined the Museum as an Assistant in the Department of Textiles in 1905, he became Keeper of that department in 1908.

On long-term loan to Tredegar House (National Trust) 1978-2018.
Subjects depicted
Returned from loan to The National Trust (Tredegar House) in 2018.
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