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1933 (made)
Place of origin

Deck chair made of teak with canework, collapsible.

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Materials and techniques
Brief description
Armchair, Danish, 1933, designed by Kaare Klint and made by Rud Rasmussen
Physical description
Deck chair made of teak with canework, collapsible.
  • Height: 90.1cm (From grey file)
  • Width: 57.1cm (From grey file)
  • Length: 99cm (Length closed; from grey file)
  • Length: 144.7cm (Length open; from grey file)
Object history
Object sampling carried out by Jo Darrah, V&A Science; drawer/slide reference 7/73.

Illustrated in ‘Two Centuries of Danish Design’ V&A 1968.

Description of craftsman from Hollis, R. 1970. Modern Chairs:1918-1970. The Whitechapel Art Gallery, London:
"Furniture designer. Born 1888, died 1954. Trained as a painter, then as an architect under his father, P.V. Jenson Klint, and under Carl Peterson, Copenhagen. Own office from 1920, Copenhagen; lecturer then director, School of Cabinet-making, Copenhagen Academy of Arts from 1924; Professor of architecture from 1944; early furniture designs especially with N.M. Rasmussen, which maintains production of his designs; furniture ranges for Faaborg Museum (1914-15), Thorvaldsen Museum (1922-25), and Industrial Arts Museum, Copenhagen (1924-54); designed Danish Art Treasures exhibition, Victoria & Albert Museum, London 1948; One-man memorial exhibition, Industrial Arts Museum, Copenhagen 1956. Awarded Grand Prix, Barcelona Exhibiton 1929, and Brussels, 1935 Eckersberg Medal, 1928; C.F. Hansens Medal 1954.Chair shown in Les Assises Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Paris1968. See: Erik Zahle, Scandinavian Domestic Design London1963.
The following story was told by professor Asplund. Asplund met Klint in Stockholm and Klint asked Asplund what he was working at. Asplund then told him that he was building a library, a cinema, and a store building. ‘And how about you Kaare?’ Asplund asked. ‘I am working at a chair’. A few years later they met again in Copenhagen, and again Klint asked Asplund ‘Well, what are you doing now?’. ‘I am doing a town hall, a school building and a couple of villas, but what are you about Kaare?’. ‘Well, I told you the last time we met, I am working on a chair.’ Esben Klint in Mobilia January 1960, p56"
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