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1750-1775 (made)

Brocaded silk purse, edged with gold lace, with pink silk ribbon ties.

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Materials and techniques
silk, lace
Brief description
Purse, silk, lace, France, 1750-75
Physical description
Brocaded silk purse, edged with gold lace, with pink silk ribbon ties.
  • Length: 7in
  • Width: 6in
Historical measurements taken from record.
Gallery label
Reticules, also known as ridicules or indispensables, were small pouches with a handle designed to be carried at a woman’s side. When they became popular in the late 18th century, reticules were usually made from fine materials such as silk to match fabrics used for dresses. Their outer surfaces were embroidered (sometimes with mottos), beaded or painted. They would hold small objects such as a fan, letters and handkerchief, and are considered a precursor of today's handbag. The purple reticule with yellow piping, shown here [T.256:1-1966], contained a letter and was made 'as a small token of gratitude' in 1822 by Emma A. Gibson [T.256:2-1966]. V&A, Room 40, Bags: Inside Out. (12/2020)
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