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Pair of Shoes

ca. 1550BC - 1070BC (made)
Place Of Origin

A pair of woven, fibre, open shoes, Egyptian, ca. 1550BC - 1070BC. Acquired by D.B. Myers.

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Object Type
This object consists of 2 parts.

  • Shoe
  • Shoe
Materials and Techniques
Woven reed and possibly papyrus.
Brief Description
A pair of woven, fibre, open shoes. Egyptian, ca. 1550BC- 1070BC.
Physical Description
A pair of flat, fibre, open shoes. Curled, pointed toe and round heel. Brittle. Treadsole: Swayed. Reed forming main sole sewn together with nine rows of thinner fibre, possibly papyrus. Rows end where the toe starts to curl and go all the way to heel’s end. Crown sinnet/toe knot protrudes. Perimeter sewn with a plait of papyrus on the inner side. Insole: One over and one under weave of reed. Upper: Quarters are one panel round with toes open. Main body of woven reed but damaged so can see middle layer of long thin reeds (?) with the wider woven reeds on either side, ie: three layers. Come together at topband which is tightly sewn. Sewing is repeated at bottom edge. Bottom edge then sewn to sole. The upper/sole join appears to be robust but the reed of upper is brittle. Straps: Made of twists of long thin reed (?) covered in wider reed strip.
  • Height: 70mm (Note: Per shoe)
  • Width: 90mm (Note: Per shoe )
  • Depth: 325mm (Note: Per shoe )
Object history
Acquired by D.B. Myers.
A pair of woven, fibre, open shoes, Egyptian, ca. 1550BC - 1070BC. Acquired by D.B. Myers.
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