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Ceramics, Room 139, The Curtain Foundation Gallery


1782-1783 (made)
Place of origin

Decorated with scenes from Paris 1768 edition of Ovid's Metamorphoses, depicting Pyramus and Thisbe, Cephalus and Procris, Nessus and Deianira.

Object details

Object type
This object consists of 3 parts.

  • Bowl Body
  • Bowl Cover
  • Bowl Stand
Materials and techniques
Hard-paste porcelain painted with enamels and gilded
Brief description
Bowl, cover and stand of hard-paste porcelain painted with enamels and gilded, Doccia porcelain factory, Florence, 1782-1783
Physical description
Bowl, cover and stand of hard-paste porcelain painted with enamels and gilded. Decorated round the rims with borders of interlacing ornament.
  • Whole height: 15cm
  • Whole diameter: 24.3cm
  • Bowl body height: 8.3cm
  • Bowl body (including handles) width: 19.5cm
  • Bowl stand height: 2.5cm
  • Bowl stand diameter: 24.3cm
  • Bowl cover height: 6.7cm
Object history
Bought from the Bernal Collection
Subjects depicted
Decorated with scenes from Paris 1768 edition of Ovid's Metamorphoses, depicting Pyramus and Thisbe, Cephalus and Procris, Nessus and Deianira.
Bibliographic references
  • Frescobaldi Malenchini, Livia ed. With Balleri, Rita and Rucellai, Oliva, ‘Amici di Doccia Quaderni, Numero VII, 2013, The Victoria and Albert Museum Collection’, Edizioni Polistampa, Firenze, 2014 p.35, Cat. 10 10. Bowl with cover and plate 1782-1783 Giovan Battista Fanciullacci (painter) hard-paste porcelain with tin-glaze painted in colours and gold bowl h 13,8 cm; width 19 cm; plate diam. 24 cm under the cup “G.B.F. 1783” in gold; under the plate “F. 1782” in gold inv. C.2008 &A&B-1855 purchase: Bernal Collection sale, £ 16.10.0 This bowl and plate have three polychrome mythological scenes inside of framed cartouches painted in a wide range of colours. The handles on the bowl and on the top are painted blue and resemble stylized branches. The top is decorated with festoons and geometrical motifs forming a fret. On the bowl there is a scene representing Pyramus and Thisbe and one representing Cephalus and Procris; on the plate there is a scene with Nessus and Deianeira. All of the scenes are based on engravings in Les Metamorphoses d’Ovide, by abbot Antoine Banier that were printed in Paris from1767 to 1771.The first scene (BANIER 1767-1771, vol. II, 1768, plate 49) was created by Charles Monnet, and engraved by Nicolas De Launay, the second (BANIER 1767-1771, vol. II, 1768, plate 81) was also created by Monnet and the painter Noel Le Mire, the third (BANIER 1767-1771, vol. III, 1769, plate 91), was created by Jean Michel Moreau, called Le Jeune, and the engraver Jean Jacques Le Veau. This set was acquired in 1855 and was believed to be German (ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE OF THE CELEBRATED COLLECTION) 1855, p. 29, lot 374; it was later correctly attributed to the Ginori factory by Arthur Lane (LANE 1954, plate 51a). Under the bowl and the plate there are initials that can be attributed to the decorator Giovan Battista Fanciullacci (for further information see BIANCALANA 2009, p. 38; RONZIO 1997, p. 12-24). He is one of the very few painters working at Doccia who signed their works. This exceptionally fine bowl can be considered his masterpiece along with the decoration of the door of the tabernacle of the porcelain altar in the church of San Romolo at Colonnata which was donated with other furnishings by the Ginori factory to this churchin1783 (for further information, see NISTRI s.d., p. 3-14; also, MONTEFUSCO 1981, p. 44, 55; GINORI LISCI 1963, p. 92, 99, fig. 67, plate LX; BIANCALANA 2009, p. 60). A.B. Bibliography: ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE OF THE CELEBRATED COLLECTION 1855, p. 29 lot 374;MORAZZONI 1935, plate CXXVIII, (only the cup as “Venezia: Manifattura Cozzi”); LANE 1954, plate 51A; LANE 1963, fig. 111;GINORI LISCI 1963, plateXLV; FERRARI 1966, p. 112;MOTTOLAMOLFINO 1976-1977, vol. I, plate 439
  • Fragili Tesori dei Principi: Le vie della porcellana tra Vienna e Firenze (Florence: Sillabe; Gallerie degli Uffizi, 2018). pp.414-415
Accession number
2008 to B-1855

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