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1869 (made)
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Returned from loan to Bodelwyddan Castle, National Portrait Gallery, Rhyl, May 2017.

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Materials and techniques
Oil wainscot oak; natural leather; gold.
Brief description
oak with stamped leather covers on seat and back and brass nails; designed by E.W. Godwin and made by William Watt for Dromore Castle, British 1869.
Physical description
oil wainscot oak upholstered in natural leather; the backs stamped in gold.
  • Height: 107cm
  • Width: 45.1cm
  • Depth: 55.9cm
Dimensions taken from paper records - not checked on object.
Gallery label
ARMCHAIR ENGLISH: 1867-1869 Designed by E.W. Godwin (1833-1886) Probably made by William Watt, London Oak with leather upholstery Circ.719-1966 Designed by Godwin as part of the furnishings of the Gothic revival castle built to his designs at Dromore in Ireland.(1993)
Object history
Made by the Art Furniture Co., London., in 1867 for Dromore Castle, Ireland.

The Earl of Limerick ordered two armchairs and sixteen dining chairs for the dining room at Dromore Castle, Co. Limerick, Ireland. The specifications between the Earl of Limerick and William Watt, the maker, were drawn up by Godwin. They were to be made in 'wainscot oak oiled with cushions & backs of fine horsehair covered with common tanned uncoloured leather with stamped pattern in gold' (RIBA MC GOE/1/7/4). All the chairs were sold at the Dromore auction in 1949.

The Department of Circulation acquired a set of one armchair and six chairs, originally designed for Dromore, from Mrs. R.C. Mackenzie in 1966. Originally only an armchair (Circ.719-1966) and two side chairs (Circ.720 & 721-1966) were given Museum numbers. On 16th February 1966 Hugh Wakefield, Keeper of the Department, explained to the Director that the proposal was to give four of the chairs 'C' numbers (C22567, C22568, C22569 & C22570) and keep them for exchange with other museums, or as gifts to other museums. Only one chair, C22568, was given to the Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg (inv. no. 1967.62). The three other chairs with C numbers were lent to Leighton House, London, in 1967, along with Circ.721-1966. They were subsequently given extension numbers to Circ. 721-1966.
Returned from loan to Bodelwyddan Castle, National Portrait Gallery, Rhyl, May 2017.
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