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Copy made for the Arundel Society of an historiated initial A (letter-shape made out of an arching winged dragon, showing Christ washing the faces of the Apostles) with some border ornament, from the volume marked G.I.S. in the Communal Library of Siena painted by Giovanni di Paolo di Neri (fl 1423). Italian

19th century (made)
Place of origin

General Description: c.1860
read About the Fragmented Illuminations display The secularisation of Catholic Church property that swept Europe in the late 18th and early 19th century brought numerous medieval and Renaissance books from cathedral treasuries and monastic libraries into private hands.
Object details
Object type
Materials and techniques
Watercolour and gold on vellum
Brief description
19th century copy of an illuminated initial made for the Arundel Society
Physical description
General Description: c.1860
  • Height: 410mm
  • Width: 300mm
  • Initial height: 230mm
  • Initial width: 195mm
Object history
Made for Count Cottrell and passed by the Arundel Society to the National Gallery in 1889 or 1895, made a gift in 1899. Lent to the V&A in 1906 and made a gift in 1996. The image was reproduced in outline as plate A in 'An Alphabet of capital letters selected from the illuminations of Italian choral books', Arundel Society, 1862, the ornament was included as part of plate I in the same publication.
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