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1913 (made)
Place of origin

Textile of printed linen.

Object details

Object type
TitleMargery (assigned by artist)
Materials and techniques
Printed linen
Brief description
Textile 'Margery' of printed linen, designed by Roger Fry for Omega Workshops, printed by Besselièvre, Maromme, 1913, retailed in London
Physical description
Textile of printed linen.
  • Width: 185mm
  • Length: 195mm
Credit line
Given by Miss M. Hogarth
Object history
Miss M. Hogarth (given 1930) - gave textiles between 1928 and 1935 (MA/1/H2383).
Minute of 8.3.1930 in RPs regarding Circ. 3 - 11-1932 and T. 238-243-1931 by Director indicated: 'Examples of thse Omega fabrics are now difficult to procure and though they may not now be popular, yet they are interesting as representing a definite stage in the development of modern Decorative Art in this country. I should like, therefore, to recommend that the gift be very gratefully accepted. The pieces are small and can be accommodated in the portfolio. The duplicate pieces will be very useful, if required, for Circulation purposes.' Letter of acceptance dated 15/03/1930 and signed by Eric Maclagan. (30/2364)
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