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1990 (made)

'Ark, 1990', photograph by Adam Fuss (British, born 1961), photogram

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read Cameraless photography Cameraless techniques have been exploited and reinterpreted by successive generations of image makers and continue to be used by contemporary artists today. While related to the conventional practices of photography, cameraless images offer an alternative, experimental, radical and often r...

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'Ark, 1990', photograph by Adam Fuss (British, born 1961), photogram
  • Height: 1400mm
  • Width: 1400mm
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Cameraless Photography Adam Fuss (b.1961) Ark 1990 Gelatin silver print 140 x 140 cm Museum no. E.1589-1991 This work was created by placing a sheet of photographic paper in a tray of water, letting a single drop from a pipette fall into the still surface and firing a flash to record the event. The image has a fine range of grey tones delineating the undulating wave. The spreading circles signify the infinite possibilities of development.
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Record createdMarch 2, 2009
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