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1492 (made)
Place of origin

Manuscript, Antiphonary, with the Sanctorale and the Common of Saints, Italy (Verona), dated 1492.

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watch Turning the pages of an illuminated manuscript In this ASMR video, watch and listen as Curator Catherine Yvard turns the pages and shows us the detailing of a medieval choirbook from the 15th century.

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Object type
TitleAntiphonary (generic title)
Materials and techniques
Brief description
Manuscript, Antiphonary, with the Sanctorale and the Common of Saints, Italy (Verona), dated 1492.
  • Binding height: 56.5cm
  • Width: 42cm
Production typeUnique
Gallery label
Fragmented Illuminations: Medieval and Renaissance Manuscript Cuttings at the V&A, 08/09/2021 - 26/06/2022, rooms 88A-90

Case 3
A Veronese Choirbook
The tiny Latin inscription in the lower border of this choirbook says it was made for the Veronese monastery of San Nazzaro and Celso in 1492. Like the nearby initial of King David playing the lute, its illumination is attributed to the dai Libri family. This book belonged to a set and begins with the Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin (15 August).

Attributed to Francesco Dai Libri and his son Girolamo Dai Libri
Verona, Italy, dated 1492
Ink, gold, watercolour and bodycolour on parchment
Museum no. MSL/1866/4929
Object history
Produced in Verona, for the Monastery of SS. Nazario e Celso in 1492, according to inscription on f. 1r: 'Iste liber est monachorum congregationis sancte Iustine de Padua. In monasterio sanctorum Nazarii et Celsi de Verona commorantium'. Signatus ibidem in inventario numero 62 et littera A', date in red Roman numerals Mo CCCCo Lxxxxij.
Bought by the South Kensington Museum from booksellers T. & W. Boone, for £20; registered 25 April 1866.
Bibliographic references
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  • KRP.G.1 - NAL Pressmark
  • 38041800591851 - NAL barcode
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