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Menstrual Cup

Tampax Cup with protective carry case

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read Sanitary suspenders to Mooncups: a brief history of menstrual products Our collection includes a small, but steadily growing number of menstrual products, including a recently acquired Mooncup. Together, these objects offer a brief history of menstrual care, including misconceptions, missinformation and marketing, from the 19th century to the present day.

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Tampax Cup with protective carry case
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Menstrual cups are soft plastic vessels inserted into the vagina to collect menstrual fluid. Invented 1937 by Leona Chalmers, they have become increasingly popular in recent years due to increased public concern over the environmental effects of single use products, such as tampons and sanitary pads. In October 2018, TAMPAX, the world’s largest producer of menstrual products, launched the TAMPAX Cup, the company’s first reusable product. Although other companies, such as MoonCup and Diva Cup, sell similar medical-grade silicone cups, TAMPAX claim that as market leaders, they have the scale and expertise to transform the industry. As they acknowledge, ‘At TAMPAX we didn't invent the menstrual cup, we just want to perfect The TAMPAX Cup is reusable and lasts for up to a year. TAMPAX Menstrual Cup and carry case 2018 Designed by TAMPAX with Megan Kessler Manufactured in US Silicone and plastic Museum no. CD.19-2019(17/12/2028)
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