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Fukaki Kurenai raw silk

Raw Silk
2016-2017 (made)
Place Of Origin

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Object Type
Materials and Techniques
Woven textile dyed with dye coloured with natural extracts.
Brief Description
Yoshioka Sachio Dye Workshop; Fukaki Kurenai raw silk (red-1, no.7), 2016-2017
  • Width: 46cm
  • Length: 308cm
Production typeMass produced
Gallery Label
Until the introduction of synthetic dyes in the late 18th century, Japanese artisans used natural dyes to make colours, often combining materials or altering ingredients to create varying hues. These textiles have all been dyed with beni, revealing the range of shades different recipes can produce. Knowledge like this was at risk of vanishing, until Yoshioka Sachio became the fifth-generation head of his family’s dye workshop and dedicated his life to reviving and preserving natural dye methods.(31/5/2022)
Credit line
Given by Yoshioka Sachio
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