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Ceramics, Room 139, The Curtain Foundation Gallery


1904 (designed), 1913-1918 (made)
Place of origin

Porcelain figure with parrot part of a group of figures that together form the bride's half of a table setting.

Object details

Object type
TitleAttendant (assigned by artist)
Materials and techniques
Porcelain with under glaze and gilding
Brief description
Porcelain figure with parrot, designed by Adolf Amberg 1904 and made by the Royal Porcelain Factory Berlin 1913-1918
Physical description
Porcelain figure with parrot part of a group of figures that together form the bride's half of a table setting.
Marks and inscriptions
  • Sceptre (printed in blue)
  • orb (printed in red)
  • '9446 0.0.' impressed
  • '140/358 52' (painted in black)
  • crossed lines and a full stop (painted in red)
Gallery label
PART OF A BRIDAL PROCESSION Porcelain with underglaze decoration GERMAN: designed by Adolph Amberg, about 1904-5 made by the Royal Porcelain Factory, Berlin; 1913-14 Designed originally for the wedding of the German Crown Prince in 1905 and continued in production for some years thereafter C.175 & A-C-1996, C.84 & A-E-1987
Object history
This figure is part of a group which forms the bride's half of a table setting designed to celebrate the crown Prince's wedding in 1905. The Groom was depicted as a mounted Roman warrior and was accompanied, like the bride with appropriate attendants. A small number of full settings were made from 1905 and individual figures continued in production until the late 1930's. The painted decoration varies considerably in design, elaboration, richness and choice of colours and gilding
Subject depicted
Bibliographic reference
V&A Ceramics and Glass Collection Object Information File
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