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A shirt and skirt ensemble featuring a print design by architect and designer Mario Trimarchi.

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Skirt of Orange Fibre and silk, Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A., Italy, 2017
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A shirt and skirt ensemble featuring a print design by architect and designer Mario Trimarchi.
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Given by Salvatore Ferragamo S. p. A.
Object history
The Salvatore Ferragamo Orange Fiber Capsule Collection was launched on April 22nd 2017 to coincide with Earth Day. The collection is made from Orange Fiber textiles, derived from citrus waste and silk.The collection was the first example of commercially available garments made from Orange Fiber.

Based in Italy, Orange Fiber was founded in 2014 by Adriana Santanocito and Enrica Arena. Using a process similar to the process for viscose, the company uses waste from the citrus juice industry (discarded fruit skins) to create a cellulosic fibre which looks and feels like silk. The citrus cellulose was extracted at a plant in Sicily, Italy. The raw material was then sent to Spain to be spun into yarn. The yarn was woven into fabric at a mill in Como, Italy.

The print design is by architect and designer mario Trimarchi and titled 'The Colours of Shadow at Midday'.
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