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Hazards Include Dust, Hailstones and Bullets

1950 (made)

Collage by Eduardo Paolozzi: 'Hazards Include Dust, Hailstones and Bullets', 1950

Object details

Object type
  • Hazards Include Dust, Hailstones and Bullets (assigned by artist)
  • Survival (assigned by artist)
  • Bunk (series title)
Materials and techniques
Brief description
Collage by Eduardo Paolozzi: 'Hazards Include Dust, Hailstones and Bullets', 1950
  • Each, from catalogue height: 24.8cm
  • Each, from catalogue width: 18.6cm
Credit line
Given by the artist
Object history
One of 11 collages from a set of 46 (numbered 1-15) reproduced as the portfolio of prints entitled 'Bunk', published in 1972. Most based on complete sheets from magazines of the 1940s and 1950s.
A copy of the portfolio 'Bunk' is in the department (Circ.517-561-1972). The source material, including these collages, was shown at a lecture given by Paolozzi to the newly formed Independent Group at the I.C.A. in 1952 and as such was seminal in the history of Pop Art.
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Bibliographic reference
Taken from Departmental Circulation Register 1971
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