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16th century (made)
Place of origin

'Pieta'; The Maries and St. Joseph wailing over the dead body of Jesus Christ; Black chalk.

Object details

Object type
TitlePietà (popular title)
Materials and techniques
Black chalk drawing
Brief description
After Clovio, Giulio; 'Pieta'; The Maries and St. Joseph wailing over the dead body of Jesus Christ; Black chalk; Italian; 16th century.
Physical description
'Pieta'; The Maries and St. Joseph wailing over the dead body of Jesus Christ; Black chalk.
  • Height: 357mm
  • Width: 261mm
Credit line
Bequeathed by Rev. Alexander Dyce
Object history
Giulio Clovio made several miniatures of the Pietà, one for his patron, Cardinal Grimani, which was subsequently owned by Giovanni Gaddi. Another with the Madonna and other figures was presented by Cardinal Alessandro Farnese to the Carafa Pope Paul IV. He also executed a version for Vittoria Colonna, Marchesa di Pescara.

A signed miniature of the Pietà of 1553 is in the collections of the Galleria degli Uffizi and was made for Cosimo I de' Medici during Clovio's Florentine sojourn. It is the composition most closely related to the present drawing. It appears that the drawing was made after Clovio's Florentine Pietà rather than constituting a preparatory drawing for the Uffizi miniature. The unknown artist of the drawing has almost faithfully copied the original composition, except for altering St. John the Bapist's facial expression.
Subjects depicted
Bibliographic references
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Other number
PWJ 124 - Ward Jackson Catalogue Number
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