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Ahiida Modest-Fit Navy/Turqoise-ButterFly Ice/Silver Burqini

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Ahiida Modest-Fit Burqini (Burkini) swimsuit, hooded top and long trousers.

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TitleAhiida Modest-Fit Navy/Turqoise-ButterFly Ice/Silver Burqini (manufacturer's title)
Materials and techniques
Brief description
Ahiida Modest-Fit Burqini (Burkini) swimsuit, hooded top and long trousers.
  • Height: cm (Note: Dimensions when mounted (as it is currently displayed in 74a - June 2019) full length (including bottoms): 130cm Full length of the top: 114 cm width with arms out: 63cm )
Production typeMass produced
Gallery label
Modest sportswear for an active life Aheda Zanetti designed the burqini in Australia in 2004 to enable Muslim women and girls wanting to dress modestly to participate in sport. She was inspired after seeing her niece struggle to play netball wearing a hijab and a long-sleeved top. Zanetti has explained, ‘It’s only a girl being modest. It was about integration and acceptance and being equal and about not being judge d.’ Full-body swimming costume Ahiida Modest-Fit Burqini, 2004 (manufactured 2016) Designed by Aheda Zanetti Manufactured by Ahiida, Australia Machine-stitched polyester and transfer print Museum no. CD.90:1, 2-2016 The object sits in the 'Crisis and Conflict' section of the Design 1900-Now gallery opened in June 2021. (2021)
Accession number
CD.90:1, 2-2016

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Record createdSeptember 26, 2016
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