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The Alchemist

Oil Painting
1855 (painted)

Object details
Object type
Materials and techniques
Oil on canvas
Brief description
Oil painting, 'The Alchemist', William Fettes Douglas, 1855
  • Approx. height: 130.7cm (Note: 1620 (H) x 1300(w) x 113 (D) Measurements taken in studio)
  • Approx. width: 100.3cm
  • Gilt frame height: 162cm
  • Gilt frame width: 129cm
  • Gilt frame depth: 9cm
Dimensions taken from Catalogue of British Oil Paintings 1820-1860, Ronald Parkinson, Victoria and Albert Museum, London: HMSO, 1990 Gilt frame: 162 x 129 x 9 cm
Marks and inscriptions
'1855 [the Douglas crest of a heart, crossed swords, and a crown] fecit' (Signed and dated by the artist in red on box in centre foreground)
Credit line
Bequeathed by Mrs Jane Clara Focchetti
Object history
Bequeathed by Mrs Jane Clara Focchetti, 1873
Subject depicted
Bibliographic references
  • Parkinson, R., Victoria and Albert Museum, Catalogue of British Oil Paintings 1820-1860, London: HMSO, 1990, pp. 71-72
  • Notice in the Edinburgh Evening Courant, 3 March 1857, 2nd notice of the Royal Scottish Academy exhibition.
  • Notice in the Scotsman, 4 March 1857, 4th notice of the Royal Scottish Academy exhibition.
Other number
156 (Royal Scottish Academy, 1857) - Exhibition number
Accession number

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