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Bolide HR Handlebar

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Pinarello Bolide HR Handlebar, 3D-printed black titanium bicyle handle bars.

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TitleBolide HR Handlebar (manufacturer's title)
Materials and techniques
Brief description
Pinarello Bolide HR Handlebar, manufactured by Pinarello, 2015
Physical description
Pinarello Bolide HR Handlebar, 3D-printed black titanium bicyle handle bars.
  • Length: 56cm
  • Width: 33cm
  • Height: 39.5cm
Gallery label
Handlebar This is the 3D-printed titanium handlebar used by cyclist Bradley Wiggins for his Hour Record on 7 June 2015. Wiggins covered 54.526km in 60 minutes breaking the previous record by more than 1.5km. 3D printing technology made it possible for bike manufacturer Pinarello to develop a number of versions of the handlebar in preparation for the race. Each design iteration optimised Wiggins' ride position, reducing aerodynamic drag. Wiggins' handlebar caused controversy. Within hours of his achievement, Steve Collins, coach to the previous record holder, said: "Bradley's bike wasn't in production. [...] You can't get 3D-printed handlebars moulded to your own arms to make it easier" in a BBC radio interview. Cycling's governing body, the Union Cycliste Internationale, stipulates that all bike parts used for the Hour Record must be available for purchase off-the-shelf. The record stood because the UCI for the first time categorised 3D printing as a means of mass manufacture. Pinarello Bolide HR Handlebar 2015 Designed by Pinarello Lab Manufactured in Sheffield, UK Titanium and ABS plastic Museum no. CD.1-2015
Credit line
Given by Cicli Pinarello, Treviso, Italy
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Record createdJuly 29, 2015
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