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ca. 1870 (made)

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ebonised wood with gilded decoration; possibly made by Cottier and Company, English; c. 1870
  • Whole height: 83.5cm
  • Whole width: 46cm
  • Front seat rail width: 45cm
  • Whole depth: 53.6cm
  • Side seat rail depth: 42.3cm
Dimensions taken from object by Max Donnelly, 20/01/2017.
Object history
This chair is one of a pair, the other being acquired by Pollok House, Glasgow. There are other examples of the chair which have different details of design and decoration. One is in the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool (WAG.1994.52), another was sold by the Country Seat and is now apparently in an American museum and the last chair, which has swan head finials to the back, is in a private collection in Australia.

The design was formerly attributed to J. Moyr Smith but an article, Cottier and Company, Art Furniture Makers by Max Donnelly, published in Antiques Vol. CLIX, June 2001, pp. 916-925, pl. XIV, illustrated an armchair with very similar decoration and front legs, suggesting that Cottier was responsible for the design.
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