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mid 20th century (made)
Place of origin

Pink linen child's coat by Chilprufe, 1950s

Object details

Object type
Materials and techniques
Brief description
Pink linen child's coat by Chilprufe, 1950s
Physical description
Pink linen child's coat by Chilprufe. Pale pink linen coat with white lining and two front pockets. The coat is fastened with five plastic pearl buttons, three at the chest and two at the collar, which when fastened are invisible. Three matching buttons are sewn to the front to match the three buttons that are fastened at the chest. The collar is detailed with lines of machine sewing mirroring the shape of the collar.

The coat has three manufacturing labels. One which reads 'Man Tailored By Chilprufe' sewn into the lining at the back of the coat under the collar. The other two labels are sewn onto the linen at the inside left edge towards the coat hem. One label reads ' Man Tailored by Chilprufe Limited' the other 'GENUINE IRISH LINEN'. Next to these labels is sewn a spare button.
  • Length: 590mm (Note: Length from shoulder to hem)
  • Width: 344mm (Note: Width at underarm)
Production typeMass produced
Marks and inscriptions
  • Man tailored by Chilprufe Limited
Credit line
Given by Daphne Pearce
Object history
This coat is part of larger gift given to the Museum by Daphne Pearce who wore the clothes as a young girl growing up in the Northern suburbs of London. The clothes are all in pristine condition and were worn from the 1950s to 1960s and show a range from baby wear to pre-teen years, approximately 12. This collection typifies the clothing of the period and clothing labels and styles of the middle classes.
Pink linen child's coat by Chilprufe, 1950s
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Record createdMay 10, 2013
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