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Hadleigh Castle, near Southend

1814 (made)
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Page from a sketch book. Pencil drawing of Hadleigh castle.
read John Constable's sketches Today, the pencil, pen, watercolour and oil sketches produced by John Constable (1776 – 1837) in the open air are valued for their freshness and vitality. However, at the time when Constable was working, the public expected a highly polished oil painting, executed in the studio.
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Brief Description
Drawing, 'Hadleigh Castle near Southend' by Constable.
Physical Description
Page from a sketch book. Pencil drawing of Hadleigh castle.
  • Height: 8.3cm
  • Width: 11.1cm
Credit line
Given by Isabel Constable, daughter of the artist
Historical context
In 1814 Constable exhibited at the Royal Academy 'Landscape: Ploughing scen in Suffolk' (see note on No. 122); also 'Landscape: the ferry', probably the painting in Mill Stream' now in the Ipswich Museum. He visited the Revd. Mr. Driffield at Feering in June (see Nos. 124-128) and spent much of the rest of the year in Suffolk.

[G Reynolds, 1973, p. 90]
Bibliographic References
  • Lyles, Anne (Ed.), Constable : The Great Landscapes, London, Tate Publishing, 2006
  • Catalogue of the Constable Collection, Graham Reynolds, Victoria and Albert Museum, London: HMSO, 1973, pp. 90, 94, 95
Other Number
127, plate 100 - Reynolds catalogue no.
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