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ca 1350 (made)
Place of origin

Italy, Florence, 14th century
Church plate, Continental

Object details

Object type
Materials and techniques
Brief description
Italy, Florence, 14th century
Church plate, Continental
  • Base of foot to top of finial height: 39.5cm
  • Across underside of foot; maximum diameter diameter: 13.5cm
Gallery label
MONSTRANCE Copper-gilt champlevé enamel plaques Italian (Tuscany); about 1330-70 From the Uzielli collection
Object history
Arnolfo exhibition RF.2005/404
Bibliographic reference
Bemporad, Dora Liscia. 'Reliquario della scodella e del bicchiere di san Francesco'. Catalogue entry, in: Angelo Tartuferi and Francesco D'Arelli, eds, L'Arte di Francesco: Capolavori d'arte italiana e terre d'Asia dal XIII al XV secolo. [Catalogue of the exhibition held 31 March - 11 October 2015, Galleria dell'Accademia, Florence]. Florence: Giunti, 2015. ISBN 978 88 09 80801 0
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