about 1520 (made)
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Italian, 1511
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  • Label text c.1930 while displayed in Tapestry Court: North-West Block. North Side. [gallery 44 ‘East Central Court’ c.1909-1952] MARRIAGE-CHEST (cassone) Pine-wood with decoration painted in colours and in carved and gilt gesso reliefs. Hercules overcoming Antaeus (left) and the Arms of Valvasone di Friuli (Venetia) and on the sinister end those of San Daniele of Udine. On the lid, San Daniele impaling Valvasone, for the marriage in 1511 of Count Beltrame da San Daniele with Vittoria, daughter of Count Erasmo da Valvasone. VENETIAN; about 1511. 278-1869. (1930)
  • MARRIAGE CHEST Cedar wood, carved and gilt, with painted details ITALIAN (Venice); about 1520 278-1869 On the front: (centre) a battle scene; (left) Hercules and Antaeus; (right) the devotion of Marcus Curtius On the ends: (left) the arms of Valvasone of Friuli; (right) the arms of San Daniele of Friuli On the lid: the arms of San Daniele impaling Valvasone. On the basis of the heraldry, the chest appears to have been made for the marriage of Count Beltrami da San Daniele and Vittoria da Valvasone.(Pre-2006)
Object history
Acquired via William Blundell Spence, Florence
Historical context
Thornton suggests that this was a cassone 'a sepoltura' or 'a moda di tomba'
Bibliographic References
  • James R. Lindow, For use and display: selected furnishings and domestic goods in 15th century Florentine interiors, Renaissance Studies vol. 19 no. 5 pp.634-646; FWK info section F4711
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  • Peter Thornton, Cassoni, Forzieri, Goffani and Cassette: Terminology and its problems, in Apollo vol. CXX (1984), no.272 pp.246-251, fig. 11.
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