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Place of origin

Soviet WW2 poster by Kukrynisky entitled 'Kill Him!'. Soviet Union, 1942.

Object details

Object type
Materials and techniques
Lithograph printed in black, grey, pink and red on paper
Brief description
Soviet WW2 poster by Kukrynisky entitled 'Kill Him!'. Soviet Union, 1942.
  • Height: 41cm
  • Width: 27.7cm
Production typeMass produced
Marks and inscriptions
  • (Russian; Cyrillic; Top right; printing; ink)
    TASS WINDOW No. 527
  • K. SIMONOV (Cyrillic; Bottom right of verse; printing; ink)
  • (Russian; Cyrillic; Across the bottom; printing; ink)
    Kubyshev State Publishing House. Edition 20 000. 1/2 p.l. Passed for printing 28/X 1942. EO30736. "Free Labour" Press. Order No. 304. Price 1r.50k. / Artistic Foundation Union SSR.
  • (Russian; Cyrillic; Above the image; printing; ink)
  • (Russian; Cyrillic; Below the image; printing; ink; Simonov, K)
    If you want to give away / To the German with his black rifle, / The house where you lived, your wife and your mother, / All, that we call motherland, - / Know - nobody will save her, / If you don't save her. / Know - nobody will kill him, / If you don't kill him.
Credit line
Given in memory of Sir Alexander Sharp Bethune, Bt.
Kukuinikskui was the pseudonym adopted by Kupriianov, Krylov and Sokolov

Reason For Production: Retail
Subject depicted
Other number
527 - serial number
Accession number

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Record createdNovember 3, 1999
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