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1969 (made)
Place of origin

Black and white plotter drawing

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Object details

Object type
TitleInterruptions (assigned by artist)
Materials and techniques
Plotter drawing
Brief description
Plotter drawing, 'Interruptions', by Vera Molnar, Paris, 1969
Physical description
Black and white plotter drawing
  • Height: 28cm
  • Length: 21.8cm
Marks and inscriptions
Signed and dated in bottom right corner by artist (Artist signature, date and title of the work written on the reverse side of the drawing)
Gallery label
Chance and Control: Art in the Age of Computers (2018) VERA MOLNÁR (born 1924) Interruptions Paris, 1969 Vera Molnár was one of the first women artists to create art with computers. The plotter drawings in her Interruptions series are among her earliest computer-generated images, made using an iterative process. With each new work she slightly modified her algorithm to alter and build upon the one that came before it, producing a series of images that explored a range of possibilities. Plotter drawing Museum no. E.269-2011(07/07/2018-18/11/2018)
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Record createdMarch 28, 2011
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