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1980s (made)
Place of origin

Faded blue denim jeans.

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Object type
Title501 (trade title)
Materials and techniques
Cotton denim
Brief description
Jeans, cotton denim, Levi's 501, United States, 1980s
Physical description
Faded blue denim jeans.
Object history
Registered File number 1995/907, Streetstyle exhibition 1994-1995, part of the woman's outfit called 'Subcultural Style 1993-4' (includes the jumper T.392-1995, the coat T.393-1995, the night dress T.394-1995, the lollipop 400-1995, the T-shirt 396-1995, the walkman T.397-1995, the sunglasses T.398-1995 and the necklace 399-1995).
Historical context
This outfit represents Subcultural Style and was displayed as such in the Street Style exhibition. It was assembled and worn by Angela Salt, who wore it to go to Tecno and Ambient nightclubs and parties throughout 1994. She combined accessible high street garments with army surplus to create a futuristic look that she described as "New Age-Ambient-Techno".

Angela Salt is a successful illustrator and artist. She graduated from Kingston University in 1991 (BA Hons Graphic Design) and did a MA in Communication Media at Manchester Metropolitan University where she graduated in 1992. She based herself in London where her unique appearance (6.5" in Vivienne Westwood heels) and her striking sense of fashion and style attracted a great deal of attention. She posed for Jamie Hewlett's "Tank Girl", an aggressive, shaven-headed and gun-toting female comic book character, wearing much of her own customised and individualised clothing. She donated this outfit to the V&A as an example of her style.
Bibliographic reference
Surfers, Soulies, Skinheads & Skaters : Subcultural Style from the Forties to the Nineties Described in the exhibition publication, part of the woman's outfit called 'Subcultural Style 1993-4'.
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