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late 20th century (made)
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Costume worn by Max Wall - shirt

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Costume worn by Max Wall - shirt
  • Collar to hem length: 78cm
  • Across shoulders width: 42cm
Marks and inscriptions
  • 'R.W. Forsyth [script] / R.W. Forsyth Ltd. / Edinburgh and Glasgow' (Trade label.)
  • 'Wall' (Stamp. On label.)
Object history
Max Wall was a true eccentric, one of the most original performers of his generation. He suffered more than the usual reversals of public favour but came to be recognised as one of the few artists of the late twentieth century to preserve the true traditions of the Music Hall. He was also acknowledged as an accomplished actor. Wall's most famous character was Professor Wallofski, a lanky, long-haired professor of music whose grotesque movements owed much to Wall's training and early career as a dancer. The Theatre Museum purchased the Professor Wallofski costume and other stage costumes from Max Wall's daughter. Costumes devised and worn by Max Wall: S.919:1 to S.934-1997.
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