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Handkerchief Length
c.1880 (Made)
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Place Of Origin

Continuous purple silk piece-goods with repeated tie-dyed ('bandhana') pattern in red and white. The fabric is designed to be cut into individual bandanna handkerchief.

object details
Object Type
Materials and Techniques
Tie-dyed silk
Physical Description
Continuous purple silk piece-goods with repeated tie-dyed ('bandhana') pattern in red and white. The fabric is designed to be cut into individual bandanna handkerchief.
  • Length: 479cm
  • Width: 110cm
Gallery Label
BENGAL HANDKERCHIEFS Traders exported handkerchiefs made in Bengal to Europe and North America. Printed silk choppas (from Hindi chhapna: 'to print') were hugely popular, as were tie-dyed silk bandannoes (from Hindi bandhana: 'to tie'), the origin of the modern bandanna handkerchief. Fine Bengali cottons were also used for handkerchiefs, sometimes with mottos or names woven into their borders. Length of bandannoe handkerchiefs Tie-dyed silk Berhampur, West Bengal, 1830-80 V&A: IS.678-1883 Choppa handkerchief Printed silk Kasimbazar, West Bengal, 1820-50 V&A: IS.17-2008 Personalised handkerchief Cotton with silk borders, woven with the name and titles of Colonel T.H. Hendley Santipur, West Bengal, 1898-1903 Given by Mrs G.M. Hendley V&A: IS.218-1992 (03/10/2015-10/01/2016)
Object history
Tie-dyed silk pieces were exported by the East India Company from Berhampur to Britain in the mid-18th century to become the 'bandanna' handkerchiefs and scarves.
Berhampur is close to Murshidabad town.
Bibliographic References
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Other Number
IND.LOST.475 - Previous lost number
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