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Stylized Antelope. Bambara, Sudan

1935 (photographed)
Place of origin

Photograph from an exhibition of African art

Object details

Object type
TitleStylized Antelope. Bambara, Sudan (generic title)
Materials and techniques
Brief description
Photograph by Walker Evans depicting a stylised carving of an antelope from an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art entitled 'African Negro Art'. New York, 1935.
Physical description
Photograph from an exhibition of African art
  • Photograph height: 230mm
  • Photograph width: 165mm
Pasted to green card: 330 x 267 mm.
Production typeLimited edition
Marks and inscriptions
  • X.202 / NEW YORK: Museum of Modern Art. / Exhibition of African Negro Art, 1935. / [Photo. No. 13] (Label on mount)
  • 13 Antelope (Catalog no. 11) / French Sudan, region of Niger. Bambara / Wood, 31 7/8 inches high / Collection Anthony Moris. Paris / Formerly attached to basketwork cap (see Plates 23-24) used in sowing and harvest festivals (Label on mount)
Object history
NB: The term "negro" was used historically to describe people of black African heritage but, since the 1960s, has fallen from usage and, increasingly, is considered offensive. The term is repeated here in its original historical context.

The Museum of Modern Art, New York, commissioned Walker Evans to photograph its African Negro Art exhibition of 1935. He produced 477 images and 17 sets of these images were printed, one of which the V&A bought for $50.
Displayed in "V and A Africa: Exploring Hidden Histories"
15th November 2012- 3rd February 2013
Subjects depicted
Bibliographic references
  • African Negro Art New York: Museum of Modern Art, c. 1935. 58p., [82]p of plates.
  • AFRICAN NEGRO ART Photographs by Walker Evans List of Photographs The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1935
  • African Negro Art Edited by James Johnson Sweeney, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1935
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