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1963 (made)

20thC; Sokolsky, Melvin. Shots of Style, 1963.

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20thC; Sokolsky, Melvin. Shots of Style, 1963.
  • Paper height: 506mm
  • Paper width: 403mm
  • Image height: 487mm
  • Image width: 396mm
Gallery label
‘Selling Dreams: One Hundred Years of Fashion Photography’, 2014. Label text: Melvin Sokolsky (b.1938) Simone wears fashion by Venet, River Seine, Paris American Harper’s Bazaar, 1963 Sokolsky began his brief but intense career as a fashion photographer in 1959 working for Harper’s Bazaar. Audaciously imaginative, he could bestow a magical aura on even the plainest outfits. His famous ‘Bubble’ series features models floating over rivers and through the city streets of Paris and New York. Gelatin silver print Given by Melvin Sokolsky Museum no. PH.732-1987 (07 03 2014)
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