Leaf from the Hastière Bible

Manuscript Cutting
14th century (made)
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Brief Description
Leaf from Bible, Book of Zachariah, with historiated initial I depicting prophet with banderoll lettered "Aggeus propheta". Netherlandish. 14th century. A duplicate number MS.214 was assigned to this object in error and was subsequently cancelled.
Production typeUnique
Object history
Probably commissioned by the couple depicted in the Crucifixion scene (Museum no. 279:1) identified by the scrolls they hold as Johans de Hastières and Magrite de Matetio (?) Voisia. The cleric depicted kneeling before Christ (?) (Museum no. 246:10), called 'Egidius de Romereet' would also have been involved in the commissioning of the Bible, which was in multiple volumes. May have been made in the region of Hastière, south of Namur.

Purchased from J. and S. Goldschmidt as part of three portfolios (now Museum nos 234-296) designated as a 'Illuminations: a collection of 338 specimens, pages and cuttings' for the total sum of £100.0.0, received on 15 October 1872; passed on for Register in April 1874 (see Register of Drawings).

Cuttings from the same manuscript in the V&A collection: 246:7, 246:8, 246:9, 246:10, 260:1, 260:2, 260:3, 260:4, 260:5, 260:6, 260:7, 279:1, 279:2.

Cuttings from the same manuscript in other collections: Philadelphia, Free Library; Nuremberg, Nationalmuseum; Paris, Ecole nationale des Beaux-Arts; Munich, Staatliche Graphische Sammlung; Zeileis collection and on the market. For full details, see Peter Kidd, 'Leaves and Cuttings from the Hastière Bible', in Medieval Manuscripts Provenance blog, 2016.
Historical context
Data taken from notes compiled by Rowan Watson. The full text of the entry is as follows:

'260.2 (MS 217)

BIBLE (Zachariah)

Leaf, with historiated initial I (prophet with banderoll lettered "Aggeus propheta" - in error?)

Rubric: Explicit Aggeus propheta, incipit Zacharias Propheta. In mense octavo

NL 14th century

msd; written space 340 x 220 mm; 2 cols; 38 lines

Bought from J&S Goldschmidt, 1872.

Pub: 1908 cat, 27 1923 cat, 22'
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Bibliographic References
  • Catalogue of illuminated manuscripts : Part II, Miniatures, leaves, and cuttings, by S.C. Cockerell and E.F. Strange (London: HMSO, 1908, 1st edition).pp. 27-28 (as Netherlandish, 14th century; nos 213-226).
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