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Ornemens inventez par Jean Bérain

c. 1711 (Published)
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Design for ornament

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TitleOrnemens inventez par Jean Bérain
Materials and techniques
Brief description
Jean Bérain I (after), Album entitled ' Ornemens inventez par Jean Bérain' comprised of 137 plates engraved by various printmakers after designs by Bérain, reissued and assembled by the artist's son-in-law, Jacques Thuret. Paris, in or after 1711.
Physical description
Design for ornament
  • Height: 51.9cm
  • Width: 34.7cm
Object history
An album with original eighteenth-century gilt-tooled leather binding in which entire sheets and leaves pasted with prints are bound together, engraved by various printmakers after a variety of Bérain's designs, reissued and assembled in a number of albums by his son-in-law, Jacques Thuret, following the artist's death in 1711. The contents and sequence differ slightly with each album. The V&A's does not include the engraved portrait frontispiece found in other examples. Among the suites included can be found designs for interiors; grotesque panels; vases; candelabra; arms and weapons; ironwork; capitals; parterres; trophies and emblems; and suites with lettered titles: 'Desseins de Cheminées'; 'Arcade de la Feuillée'; 'Recueil de Divers Mausolées executées pour la famille Royale de france'.
Bibliographic reference
Guilmard mentions the volumes assembled by Thuret, including 'Oeuvres de Jean Berain' Guilmard, D., Les Maîtres Ornemanistes, Paris, 1880-1881, p. 89, 27.
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