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1997 (made)
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Jumper made of red, blue, yellow, black and white hand-knitted Shetland Fair Isle wool.
read Knitting traditions of the British Isles and Ireland Many areas around the British Isles and Ireland have their own distinctive style of knitting or a particular garment for which they are known. Such traditions have tended to survive longer in more remote areas where there is less outside influence.
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Materials and techniques
Hand-knitted Shetland wool
Brief description
Jumper of hand-knitted Shetland Fair Isle wool, made by Annie Thomson, Scotland, 1997
Physical description
Jumper made of red, blue, yellow, black and white hand-knitted Shetland Fair Isle wool.
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Annie Thomson is the last woman born on Fair Isle to hand-knit traditional sweaters for sale. This jumper is made in the round using five needles and a knitting belt; the sleeves are knitted downwards from the shoulders, so that they can be replaced when they have worn through. Annie Thomson is now 75 years old, so this is probably the last jumper that Annie will hand-knit for anyone outside her family. The wool was spun and dyed in a Shetland mill.(1997)
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Given by Sue Teper
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Record createdAugust 28, 2003
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