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Wedding Dress

1961 (made)
Place of origin

Wedding dress of embroidered cream Duchesse satin with a satin underskirt.

Object details

Object type
This object consists of 2 parts.

  • Wedding Dress
  • Wedding Underskirt
Materials and techniques
Embroidered satin with beads, diamanté and pearls, silk ribbon, tulle, lined with silk
Brief description
Wedding dress of embroidered satin with and underskirt, embroidered by Eveline Gordon, designed by Owen Hyde Clarke for Worth London, England, 1961
Physical description
Wedding dress of embroidered cream Duchesse satin with a satin underskirt.
Production typeHaute couture
Gallery label
In sumptuous satin traditionally associated with wedding finery, this dress has details that are unmistakably of the 1960s. These include the simple high and round neckline and the gently belled skirt. The tightly fitted sleeves reach to points over the hands and fasten with a row of tiny covered buttons and rouleaux loops.(1997)
Credit line
Given anonymously
Object history
Worn 18 November 1961 at St John's Wood Church.
Bibliographic reference
De la Haye, Amy (ed.). The Cutting Edge: 50 Years of British Fashion 1947- 1997. London, England: V&A Publications, 1997.
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