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On display at V&A South Kensington
Glass, Room 131


ca. 1860-70 (made)
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Object Type
Materials and Techniques
Colourless glass, cased with a thin layer of pink glass and a second overlay of white glass, wheel cut, enamelled and gilded.
Brief Description
Vase, with pink and white overlays, enamelled and gilt, Schreiberhau (Silesia), Josephinenhütte, 1860-70
  • Height: 33.7cm
Gallery Label
Painted with dog roses and other hedgerow flowers these vases are typical of production by innumerable Bohemian glass in the later 19th century, perhaps the best known of which is Meyr's Neffe's Adolfshütte
Credit line
Given by Miss Bowdler through The Art Fund
Subject depicted
Bibliographic Reference
Stefania Zelasko, Gräflich Schaffgotsch'sche JOSEPHINENHÜTTE: Kunstglasfabrik in Schreiberhau und Franz Pohl 1841-1900, Passau 2005, pp. 206-217 for very similar designs
Other Number
9488 - Glass gallery number
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